0.41 Carat, Fancy Pink and white diamond pave set earrings, Round, VS1



Extraordinary Fancy Pink diamond pave set earrings with three collection

white round brilliant 0.41Ct TW center diamonds. Mounted in 18K white

and rose gold with a triangular flowery motify the center diamonds are

surrounded with natural 0.22Ct TW Fancy Pink round brilliants.

Certified by In house grading.

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Earrings Information

  • SKU71819
  • Metal18k Gold
  • Shipping22 Business Days

Center Diamond Information:

  • SKU75636
  • Description0.41 Carat, Colorless Diamond, Round Shape,
  • Weight0.41
  • ShapeRound
  • Faint
  • V. Light
  • Light
  • F. Light
  • Fancy
  • F. Intense
  • F. Vivid
  • F. Deep
  • F. Dark


  • FL
  • IF
  • VVS1
  • VVS2
  • VS1
  • VS2
  • SI1
  • SI2
  • I1
  • I2
  • I3


Main Color
  • Colorless


Did you know that colorless diamonds are the most common diamonds found in the world? Some colorless diamonds are not suitable for jewelry and are used for industrial purposes.

Did you know that the largest cut colorless diamond is the 530 carat “Star of Africa”, which was cut from the 3,106 carat Cullinan diamond and has been incorporated into the British Royal Crown Jewels?

Did you know that the largest colorless diamond that was ever sold at auction is 118.28 carats and was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in 2013 to an anonymous bidder?

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