1.09 Carat, Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown Round Brilliant Three Stone Ring, Round, SI1



A superb Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown round brilliant diamond,

weighing 1.09Ct, certified by GIA; mounted in a three stone ring

with collection white side stones in 18K white and rose gold

Side Diamonds: Round Brilliants, Colour D-F,

Clarity VS1-2, 0.39Ct TW

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Ring Information

  • SKU49138
  • Metal18k Gold
  • Ring Size6
  • Shipping22 Business Days

Center Diamond Information:

  • SKU37436
  • Description1.09 Carat, Fancy Dark Yellowish Champagne Diamond, Round Shape, SI1 Clarity, GIA
  • Weight1.09
  • ShapeRound
  • MakeVery Good / Excellent
  • Verify GIA Certificate
  • Faint
  • V. Light
  • Light
  • F. Light
  • Fancy
  • F. Intense
  • F. Vivid
  • F. Deep
  • F. Dark

In the same level as Fancy Vivid with similar saturation, however with the darkest tone possible. Parallel in saturation to Vivid with a very rich color and the darkest tone possible. These diamonds are very rare though less expensive than Vivid.

  • FL
  • IF
  • VVS1
  • VVS2
  • VS1
  • VS2
  • SI1
  • SI2
  • I1
  • I2
  • I3

Inclusions are noticeable to a skilled grader using 10× magnification. These inclusions may also be visible to the naked eye. The most common clarity grade; may represent good value in the correct setting.

Main Color
  • Champagne


Did you know that fancy champagne diamonds have skyrocketed in popularity with both celebrities and the general public? After all, all girls love chocolate, roses, and diamonds!

Did you know that champagne diamonds are the color that is most readily discovered in nature? Their widespread availability has had a hand in their rise in popularity.

Did you know that the largest known champagne colored diamond is the 545.67 carat Golden Jubilee? It is the eighth largest gem-quality diamond that has ever been discovered.

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